Individuals, Couples, and Structural Family Therapy

With kindness and clarity, I will guide you to recognize learned patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that may be creating suffering in your life. Together we will explore where and why you learned those patterns. Once fully understood, you will find the courage to transform those learned patterns into healthier ones.  I will actively guide you to practice these new and healthier patterns in the therapy room as well as in your life outside the therapy room.

Once your old patterns of relating to yourself, to the loved ones in your life, and to the world at large have been transformed into healthier ones, you will feel lighter, more confident and happier.

In addition to changing patterns, you may also seek therapy to receive support when going through a life transition such as leaving home, pursuing/changing a career, getting married, pregnancy/fertility issues, child birth and parenting, marital difficulties, separation, divorce, illnesses, retirement and death of a loved one.

I hope this description takes some of the mystery out of therapy and give you the courage to call for an appointment.  If you have questions after reading this, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me for further explanation.

Barbara Groves, LCSW

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